Diversity Office to Host Anti-Racism Forum

Benji Grundner – Copy Editor

Clark’s office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion will host an open forum against racism in the Gaiser Student Center on March 22 at 2 p.m. in response to what President Bob Knight called “an increase in hate motivated expressions on our campus” in an email to the college community on Monday.

The official Facebook event says it is “an opportunity to support each other and share ideas about how to stand together as a community to make it clear that we are inclusive and will not allow hate to take hold here,” and is open to the entire Clark community with refreshments provided.

Knight’s email addressed three biased-based incidents that occurred this past week: slurs shouted on campus, a racist message sent online and anti-semitic fliers posted outside Gaiser Hall.

“Racist attacks on our students and anti-Semitic fliers cannot exist within an inclusive environment,” Knight said. “These are acts of exclusion with a long history of hateful, racist, and genocidal actions.”

Knight said this is part of “a pattern of increasingly aggressive forms of racism” on campus. Clark has hosted discussions in response to racism before, most recently in December after the appearance of “It’s Okay to be White” fliers.

“Penguins form protective communities when their environment turns harsh,” Knight wrote. “We can do the same. Penguins united can never be divided.”

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