Student Government Blueprints Spring Quarter Events

By Ainslie Cromar – Life Editor

The ASCC planned its Spring quarter student engagement events during its weekly Executive Council meeting on March 8.

ASCC President Grace Moe said the ASCC will gather materials this month including notebooks, highlighters and pens to pass out for free during Spring quarter Welcome Week, where the priority will be recruiting next year’s ASCC staff.

“That will be one of our biggest pushes,” Moe said.

The council discussed hosting a Guided Pathways open forum for students in response to changes in the Advising Center. Moe said advising is one of the biggest concerns students tell her they have at Clark.

ASCC Student Relations and Promotions Coordinator Bryce Van Patten said a bill regarding the Running Start program passed the Washington State Legislature and he appreciated the emails he and Moe received from state senators regarding this news.

The Council adjourned at 4:24 p.m.

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