Chop Chop: Activities Programming Board Hosts Chopstick How-to Event

Dozens of platters of Panda Express Chinese food were brought to the Fireside Lounge for the APB’s Chop Chop event on Feb. 27, serving a 45-minute line of students and community members food and a set of chopsticks to take home.

APB Awareness Events Coordinator Meizh Teoh welcomed participants to the event and presented two instructional videos on using chopsticks.

Student Jeni Banceu brought her son and her mom who was visiting from California as a fun activity for her family. Banceu has attended two student government events before and said she looks forward to more family-friendly events.

After the videos were two chopstick competitions where contestants transferred gummy bears or M&Ms from one bowl to another. The top three participants of each competition received a gift bag.

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