Graphic Design Club

Clark’s new graphic design club combines communication and art. It was founded this fall by club president Emmanuel Jefferies.

Jefferies said Graphic Design has helped him express himself through pictures rather than words, a method he prefers to use.

With graphic design, Jefferies created a poster illuminating the communication difficulties of aspergers, which is a developmental disorder that affects one’s ability to communicate and socialize.  Screen Shot 2017-12-05 at 9.01.11 PM

“Sometimes you can’t pick up on social cues,” Jefferies said, “like maybe someone’s mad at you and you don’t exactly know it, or maybe you’re trying to explain stuff to people and they take it to offense and they don’t know why.”  When Jefferies had first shown the piece to his family, they were nearly in tears.

The small club is working hard to recruit members. The vice-president of the club, Eric Brunelle, thinks highly of the club and encourages everyone to try it out. If they have any interest in graphic design, “this is the place to do it,” she said.

Kathrena Halsinger said she enjoyed Graphic Design because it’s fun. Halsinger is
an adviser and professor to graphic design students at Clark and is also the advisor who oversees the club and their activities.

“You have to be the type of person who knows everything that is happening in the culture,” Halsinger said, adding that being a “media junkie” is good.  “It’s a way you can help people express things in a visual way…and apply logic and a process to communicate with people.”

Jefferies encourages anyone to come to the Graphic Design club and try it out. The Graphic Design club held its first event on Nov. 29.  The event showcased graphic design work at Clark, which included the event poster.  Future club projects could include more event, poster and even shirt designs.

Both Wei Zhuang, Lead Graphic Designer and Jenny Shadley, Senior Graphic Designer & Photographer were speakers at the event.

The idea you can have a job where you can sit there and look through photographs for 2 hours trying to find just the right photograph to use. That’s… I mean that’s just a dream come true.” Halsinger said.

The club meets every Wednesday at 2 p.m. in FAC 103. Email the club at clark.gdclub@gmail.com for more information

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