Scholarship recipient says “it makes all the difference.”

The Clark College Foundation hosted the annual scholarship celebration reception October 5th in Gaiser Hall for donors, scholarship recipients and their family members.

The catered reception in the Gaiser Student Center filled the room to capacity, resulting in a lack of chairs for the guests.

Lisa Gibert, the president of the foundation, was first to speak at the reception, followed by the Chair of Clark College Board of Trustees.

Three scholarship recipients presented, including recipient Dennis Baciuc, who performed on his trumpet. Clark College Alumni Board of Directors Jay Gilberg gave a speech, followed by the final speaker: double scholarship recipient Jonathan Duston.

After the reception Dutson thanked those who awarded him the scholarships, saying it means a lot that strangers care about him and helps him feel a sense of community.  

“It just warms my heart and makes all the difference. It makes me happy. It motivates and encourages me,” Duston said.


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