From Corporate To Entrepreneur

An Oregon entrepreneur shared his experiences from the corporate world and from his successful start-up business at Clark on Oct. 11.

Former Marine Shawn Parker founded Fuel Medical Group, an ear, nose and throat medical consulting firm in Camas, Washington, which employs almost 200 people.

Parker entered the corporate world as a doorman before being invited in as a sales associate. He rose through the ranks of the business consulting world until he was a senior director of east coast operations in the ENT field.

With his understanding of the industry, Parker moved to launch a business that would provide value to providers and improve the consulting field — a business which is now a multi-million dollar company. The first year of starting Fuel was not without struggles, however, as Parker, “lived off of his kids’ college fund.”

Parker attributes his success to the discipline and teamwork he learned in the military. He enjoys helping veterans leverage their military skills and apply them in the civilian work force.

For student veterans interested in learning more about Fuel and the opportunities available contact Kelly Jones (360-992-2579) at the Veterans Resource Center.  

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