Penguin Pantry Food Drive Week

The first food drive of the year to support the Penguin Pantry will be held from Oct. 16 through 27, with four drop off locations in Gaiser, Scarpelli, Foster and Hanna halls. The Pantry is looking for non-perishables and personal care items to be donated.

“It’s ASCC’s initiative to sponsor the food drives for the Penguin Pantry,” Lydia Straub, the ASCC Activities Director and head of the food drive, said.

The Penguin Pantry is Clark’s own food pantry that re-opened on Sept. 25 after a successful soft-open over Summer quarter. The pantry was able to survive its first few months off of original food and monetary donations. But now, it is in need of a restock, said Straub.

Being new to the position of Activities Director, this is Straub’s first food drive. She said she is not nervous and considers this a fun challenge.

Straub, while not currently being food insecure, has a personal reason for being so invested in making this drive a success. She said as a child her family struggled and had needed to use food banks at times. She said this makes her able to relate better to these students.

he part about the food drive that the students can help other students,” Straub said.

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