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Trial Run For Director of Security This Fall

Mike See was appointed Director of Security Sept. 1, on a trial basis. See is now juggling both roles as Emergency Program Manager and Director of Security.

After 22 years in Las Vegas with a background of security and law enforcement. See said the career transition in November of 2016 was a no-brainer.

“What I really appreciated when I got here was that this department is highly focused on customer service,” See said.

While serving as director, See said he oversees officer scheduling, manages security requests and engages in more administrative work than he does as the Emergency Program Manager.

“In emergency management, I was a crew of one,” See said. See said that as Emergency Program Manager, he directs all campus emergency drills, assesses performance and makes changes as needed.

He still has those responsibilities, but now he oversees everything in security too. See said that if things go well, the department would hire someone else as Emergency Program Manager.

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