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Hall of Fame Nominations Deadline Reached

The window to nominate for the 2018 Athletics Hall of Fame has closed.

Nominations were open to prior athletes, coaches, admissions or staff, and were due Sept 29. The list of nominees will come out later this year.

Athletic Director Chris Jacob said there is an enormous amount of penguin pride among alumni and staff, and the achievements on and off the field display this repeatedly.  

“First and foremost we are looking for leaders,“ said Jacob. “Not just leaders on campus, but as well as leaders in the community.”

Jacob said the counsel who determines winners seek exceptional individuals who have proven themselves in the classroom and on the field while at Clark College and post-graduation. Jacob describes winners as “overall good people” who have significantly contributed to Clark and gone onto complete big and better achievements.  

The Hall of Fame will be held following a men’s basketball game on Feb. 17, 2018.

Written by: Shana Newton

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