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New Faces Of The ASCC

Grace Moe, President


This year, Grace Moe will fill her older sister’s shoes as ASCC president. Moe said she first volunteered with APB last year, which introduced her to ASCC. Excited to meet and serve others, Moe applied for all open positions. “My one goal was just to be on a team that helps serve Clark students, but I was ecstatic when I got president,” Moe said.  
Beginning her second year at Clark, Moe hopes that students won’t hesitate to bring concerns to the staff. “I’m open to all opinions…I just really want to know what students want on campus, and I want to help to make that a reality,” Moe said.
Aside from spending time with friends and playing the violin, Moe loves skiing and hiking.


Ndeye Astou Cisse, Vice President


ASCC Vice President Ndeye Astou Cisse is starting her second year at Clark with the goal of becoming a petroleum technician. “My father was an architect, my mom a business woman and each wanted me to be like them,” Cisse said. “I didn’t want to be an architect and frustrate my mom, or be in business and upset my dad, so I started looking for majors. One day I read an article about petroleum engineering and thought it sounded interesting, so I started researching it and decided that’s what I want to do.” Cisse was born and raised in Senegal, and speaks four languages: English, French, Spanish, and Wolof, a language spoken in a few West African countries. She is no stranger to leadership, serving as the president of the Black Student Union and Event Coordinator for the STEM NERD Girls at Clark. Cisse said her position with ASCC mostly consists of helping students get involved on campus. “We’re looking to figure out the best ways to let them know what’s available for them,” Cisse said.


Jordan Hamilton, Club Coordinator


Jordan Hamilton, a senior Running Start student from Columbia River High School, is the Club Coordinator for ASCC. Her position involves helping Clark’s clubs run smoothly and assisting students who are interested in joining or creating one. She has high hopes of increasing student involvement in clubs and unifying those involved during her time in ASCC. Aside from having participated in student government at her high school, Hamilton also volunteers at Legacy Health. She hopes to transfer as a pre-med student to the University of Washington, or another university in the Pacific Northwest to pursue a career as a cardiothoracic surgeon.



Bryce Van Patten,

Student Relations and Promotions Coordinator


With a history as an art student in graphic design and promotion, Bryce Van Patten joined ASCC hoping to share his diverse perspectives with the team. Van Patten’s job includes designing and maintaining the seasonal calendars placed in Clark’s bathrooms and keeping the Student Life Facebook and Twitter pages up to date. At the age of ten, Van Patten said, he dabbled in a variety of different instruments while also exploring photography and animation. After graduating high school in ‘78, he performed music while working a day job. Due to a foot injury in 2014, Van Patten said he could no longer perform but continued to record music.



Ken Teoh, Finance Director


Ken Teoh will help distribute funds between different clubs on campus as this year’s ASCC Finance Director. Previously, Teoh was the APB’s Cultural Event Coordinator where he helped plan and put on special events on campus. Teoh is attending Clark for an AA degree in business administration. Along with the occasional movie, Teoh said he enjoys a variety of different cultural cuisines. Hailing from Malaysia, Teoh speaks both Cantonese and Mandarin, allowing him to travel to different parts of Asia. According to Teoh, this skill also helps him discover and order traditional Chinese food from nearby Portland restaurants.


Ryan Hall, Executive Assistant


Ryan Hall, a senior Running Start student from Columbia River High School, is taking on the ASCC position of Executive Assistant. He is studying for his general AA from Clark before transferring to a four-year university to pursue a chemical engineering degree. In his free time, he enjoys playing the cello and reading fantasy novels. Hall said he is excited to be a part of the ASCC this year. He said he was originally drawn to the position because of the consistent involvement with Clark and it’s students. “I like it here a lot, the environment’s really cool, the way that everything is run,” Hall said.


Lydia Straub, Activities Director


As the new Activities Director for ASCC, Lydia Straub, will be the brainpower and architect behind the civil government events that take place at Clark. Drawn in by a poster, Straub had applied for the job hoping to find a supportive environment and the opportunity to be more involved with the student body. Having finished her first year at Clark, she said she intends to devote this year to finishing her AA degree. Alongside her position as an ASCC officer, Straub works 2 a.m. shifts on her job with UPS. “Time-management has always been that thing you carry with you,” Straub said about what she’s found most valuable in working two jobs. In her downtime, Straub said she enjoys exploring art through a variety of mediums such as sketching, painting, and paper collages. During warmer months, she enjoys activities like hiking and biking.

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