Clark’s 2nd Annual Healthy Penguin Walkabout

Cykhyia Sanders (pictured left), and Jessica Smith (pictured right)(Photo by Lexi Hanson/The Independent).

Students, faculty and guests toured the campus on Saturday, undergoing medical assessments along the way. The tests were a part of the Healthy Penguin Walkabout, an event hosted by the Business & Health Sciences administration at Clark, which was designed to expose the dangers of sugar and diseases like diabetes.

“>The walkabout, which began at 10 a.m and ran until 2 p.m., had several stops where participants were offered free health exams such as blood glucose level testing, diabetes-risk levels, risk for cavities, and more.

Each walker received a piece of paper which, when stamped at the seven health assessment stations, enabled participants to enter a raffle, and possibly win a basket filled with prizes.

Numerous departments within Business and Health Sciences participated in the event, including students and faculty working in dental hygiene, nursing, phlebotomy, fitness and more.

Brenda Walstead, the interim dean of Business and Health Sciences, recalled making the Healthy Penguin Walkabout a reality, saying that the event was two years in the making.

“We got the faculty first together and just had discussions on how we could get the different health care programs and students at Clark working together and understanding each other,” Walstead said.

Overall, the Healthy Penguin Walkabout proved to be a great learning experience not only for students and staff hosting the event, but for community members as well.

For more info on the “Healthy Penguin Nation,” and events held by this division, you can visit the website here.

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