Humans of Clark College

Digital News students have begun featuring Clark students, faculty and staff in a new online project called “Humans of Clark” this quarter. Students post a picture and quote on the Facebook page everyday. Instructor Gosia Wozniacka created the project based on Brandon Stanton’s “Humans of New York.”

“I did have one nickname (as a child), it was ‘worm catcher’ because I sucked at softball. It was the worst, I hated it, I’m not an athletic person at all and they used to stick me in the outfield. I would be out there and I would pick worms out of the ground, and put them in my little mitt. I have always liked bugs, so I would bring them back and my coach got so mad. She hit the worms out of my mitt and I cried, I was so upset. My friend on the team, her mom was my girl scout leader and she made us little memory packets and teeny tiny scrapbooks. Mine said ‘worm catcher’ on it and I was like ‘wow’. Looking back, I don’t know what I was thinking, just catching worms in the outfield. It was the only nickname I ever had. It didn’t stick long.” – Erika Aronson, 20, major undecided, plans to pursue sign language interpretation studies. (Photo by Allison Ford)






“I love the open ground here. And everyone is so friendly. He loves it.” – Ryan Corcilius, 35, lives near Clark with Charlie, 5, a border collie. (Photo by Sandra Maszak)


“Everyone wants me to decide which university I’m going to. I think it’s more everyone else who has the problem with it than me. Because I’m fine taking my time figuring out what I want to do. But everyone else is like ‘You don’t know what you want to do yet, why not?’ Well, why would I want to decide so early what I’m going to do for 40 years?” – Emily Thompson, 17, Running Start student (Photo by Sandra Maszak)

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