Career Days 2017: Over 90 Employers Offer Job Opportunities

Are you having a hard time finding a job?

If so, then you may want to attend Career Days, an annual event Clark hosts to help students with their job hunt and explore career options from May 1-4.

Career Days is a free, four-day event open to everyone. Workshops, seminars and other services will be offered, and a Career Fair will be held on May 3 in the O’Connell Sports Complex.

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Scott Clemans, employer relations specialist at Clark, said the Career Fair will feature more than 90 employers this year, about 20 more than last year. Organizations like PeaceHealth, City of Vancouver, Farwest Steel Corporation and Fisher Investments will be looking for new employees. Clemans said the variety of companies at the fair will give attendees the chance to find a job that is right for them.

“I think it’s so important for students to explore their own passions and their own skills and figure out what that translates
into,” Clemans said.

The fair was held in the Gaiser Student Center in past years, but Clemans said the large number of participating employers caused the Career Fair to move to the O’Connell Sports Complex. The other events associated with Career Days are happening at different times and buildings across campus.

Clemans stressed that Career Days will be more than just a job fair. He urged people to attend as many of the workshops accompanying the fair as possible.

“A number of the events and activities that we’re holding in advance of the Career Fair are specifically designed to help students up their game and be ready to work the Career Fair on May 3,” Clemans said.

Some of these events include “Drop-in Resume and LinkedIn Help,”  “Drop-in Practice Interviews” and a “LinkedIn Photo Booth.” “Human Library: Borrow an Expert” will provide people with an opportunity to talk to professionals from a variety of careers about their jobs and industries.

(Andy Bao/The Independent)

Dolly England, diversity outreach manager at Clark and member of the committee that helped plan Career Days, said attendees should investigate some of the employers before attending the Career Fair.

“Do your research on the organizations that you’re interested in working for,” England advised. “Prior to the fair, go to their website and find out what jobs they’re currently recruiting for. When you go to their table and say, ‘I see that you’re recruiting for a software designer,’ you can tell them about the job they’re hiring for. That just makes you look really good; it leaves an impression on people.”

England also said people should take the Career Fair as an opportunity to network as much as possible.

“Be open to talking to as many employers as you can,” England said. “Even if you’re not interested in a job at that organization right now, you never know what opportunity might come up down the line. You just never know.


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  1. Where can students find a list of the companies that are participating in the Fair so they can do research before they talk to recruiters?

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