Earth Day at Clark

Students are decorating their Earth Day pots in which plants await to be planted. (Claire Martin-Tellis/The Independent)

In celebration of Earth Day at Clark, the Activities Programming Board held an event featuring environmentally friendly arts and crafts.

Students were invited to paint pots, decorate tote bags and munch on sushi in PUB 161 from 10 to noon on Wednesday.

Awareness Events Coordinator Lindsey Pham said she created the event because she was looking for a different way to celebrate Earth Day. The tote bags were used to discourage the use of plastic bags.

Running Start student Peyton Brokaw sat at a circular table in the naturally-lit room painting geometric triangles on her pot. Brokaw said she was glad the event highlighted environmental issues in a positive way.

“Earth Day means appreciating the place we live in and focusing our attention on the issues at hand,” she said.

However, Brokaw would like to see some changes for a possible event next year.

“I would like to see a way to make it more informational while still having arts and crafts activities,” she said.

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