Family Movie Night

It’s dark in Gaiser Hall and the smell of pizza hangs in the air. Most eyes are trained on the three screens at the front of the room where Eddie Redmayne squeezes into his magical briefcase full of fantastic creatures. A slew of giggles erupt from the corner of the hall as a gaggle of children run around a table, content to slide around the tiled floor in their socks rather than watch the movie.

ASCC’s Family Movie Night on Wednesday provided a relaxed evening for students and their children, siblings, parents and significant others.

The event featured pizza, soda and screenings of the animated film “The Secret Life of Pets”  and “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them,” a prequel to the Harry Potter series.

“One for the kids, one for the kid-at-heart,” said student Colin Young about the movie selection. Young said the movie night offered a great chance to spend the evening socializing on campus, and that he didn’t mind the sounds of children playing in the background.

“I used to work with kids as a librarian,” Young said. “So it’s really no trouble.”

Another student, Tasha Postin, brought her son to see the movies and enjoy the refreshments. She said she appreciates the effort to provide fun and community for students with children.

“[Family-oriented events] are the only ones I can go to,” Postin said. “You get excluded a lot as a parent and a student, so it’s great when someone goes out of their way to accommodate that.”


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