ASCC Surveys Students on New Rec Center

A survey by the ASCC regarding a potential new Student Recreation Center will be open until Friday.

The opportunity is a remaining effort from 2014 when Clark received approval for a loan to build the recreation center but students voted down the idea. The loan offer stands until the end of spring quarter.

“It’s waiting and ready to go,” said Sarah Moe, ASCC president. “But it’s ending at the end of this school year. So that’s why we’ve been pushing to find out if there’s still interest, because we have things ready to go.”

Moe said the ASCC hopes to get around 1,000 responses, but only received 236 at the beginning of the quarter, despite the survey having been up for over a month.

According to Moe, the rec center would be “basically the current fitness center that we have, times ten,” with more cardio machines and weight machines in a bigger space.

“There wouldn’t be classes in there, and it would be open all the time,” Moe said. “There’s also options for things like an indoor track, or classroom-type spaces for group workouts and stuff. That’s on the survey, and students can say whether those things are essential, and how much they would like to pay per quarter.”

While the membership fee for the new center may or may not exceed the $20 students pay for quarterly access to the current fitness center, Moe said a rise in student fees would be required to pay off the loan.

“Students would pay higher fees beginning in the next fall quarter to pay off the loan,” Moe said. “And then I believe it would lower a little bit but we would still need to pay for maintenance.”

The survey can be found at

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