Speaker at Queer Student Luncheon Shares Her Experience as a Gay Woman in the Army

The Diversity Center hosted a queer student luncheon on Tuesday for queer students, allies and anyone wanting to educate themselves on LGBTQ+ community issues.

The luncheon, held in PUB 161, featured Clark Veterans Resource Center manager Kelly Jones as a guest speaker.

In her speech, Jones opened up about her 26 years in the United States Army, and said that as a gay woman in the military she could not fully be herself out of fear of losing her position or respect.

“We were conditioned to not live life the way we wanted to.

Jones said she held a high rank in the Army and what she saw from the position was a microcosm of what LGBTQ+ people go through everyday.

Sixty people attended, including students, veterans and faculty like President Bob Knight and Vice President of Instruction Tim Cook. Attendees were treated to a full taco bar, drinks and cookies.

According to Diversity Center director Felis Peralta, who opened up the event by introducing Jones, the queer student luncheon is held once every quarter to create a space for everyone to be heard and create a supportive community.

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