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Letter to the Editor: A Strange Sort of Unity

Dr. Nicholas Macias (Clark College)


It seems that a main reason people voted for president-elect Donald Trump was a sense that the country was in a bad place and things needed to change. Anyone who voted against Trump now probably has a similar sense. It would seem we as a nation are somewhat united in at least this one belief.

But this great country was not founded on the idea that the president will solve our problems; it was built on the bold idea that its citizens—you and me—make the country what it is. No matter who the president is, the country and its future belong to the people.

What shall we do in this moment, where so many on both sides of the election are looking for answers? Do not run; don’t hide. It is up to us to decide what we want for this country, and then to work to make that happen. Don’t silence someone whose vote you disagree with; don’t retreat to your circle of like-minded friends. Change does not come from equilibrium: it comes when differences are brought together.

Let this be an opportunity. Talk with friends, talk with strangers – if they’re willing to talk, but more than talking, listen. Hear them, and let them hear you. The future of the country isn’t about who is the next president: it’s about what we, the citizens of the country, want the future to be. It’s that simple. Find common ground and work to make change happen. This isn’t the end; it’s only the beginning.

Dr. Nicholas Macias

Computer Science & Engineering – Instructor

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