Clark Leaders Push for Peace and Unity After Turbulent Election Season

In the aftermath of last week’s highly divisive presidential election, Clark’s Vice President of Instruction Tim Cook urged faculty and staff to unite and care for each other.

“I believe in our mission, our commitment to social equity and our dedication to student success,” Cook wrote in an email to faculty and staff Wednesday morning. “Above all that, I believe in you.  Clark College is a place where we support each other, care deeply for our students and work daily to make a positive impact on society.  We have much work to do.

Cook implored faculty and staff to focus on the good and to protect Clark as a community. He said that particularly undocumented students, international students and students and faculty who are LGBTQ+ and people of color have expressed fear and doubt about the future.

“Still, in spite of all of this I find constant reminders of what I believe make Clark College a unique place that honors and respects all individuals,Cook wrote.

President Bob Knight sent an email to the Clark community at large on Tuesday addressing the grief that some may be feeling about the recent election.

Knight’s message, like Cook’s, encouraged the community to stay strong and support one another. Knight stressed that the college is “welcoming and safe for all students, faculty, staff and community members.”

Faculty, staff and students can take advantage of Clark’s many resources, including the Counseling and Health Center. The number to contact in order to make an appointment is 360-992-2053.

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