Clark Men’s Soccer Team Triumph Rogue

The Clark Penguins men soccer team took home a victory against Rogue Community College on Saturday with a final score of four to one.

Three of Clark’s four goals were made by David Joyce, 21, with one assist from his teammate, Kento Oudomphong. “Scoring in the first minute, momentum went up,” Joyce said. “After that I felt like the team kept pushing.”

The fourth goal of the game was made by Woodlin Placide, Clark’s right wing, at the 55 minute mark.

Joyce explained that these two teams had played together previously, but they hadn’t been as successful. “This is a team we struggled with the last time we played them,” Joyce said. “And now we dominated the whole field.”

With this win against Rogue Community College, the team hopes to carry this momentum to their next game on Wednesday against Portland Community College.

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