The New Faces of ASCC

President Sarah Moe
Pursuing Accounting

Sarah Moe said that becoming the president of ASCC didn’t even cross her mind until fellow students began tossing the idea to her. Before applying, Moe said she spent two years at Clark without knowing a student government even existed.

Moe said it wasn’t until she became involved at Clark by joining a club and attending ASCC events that she realized the importance of having fun and being involved as a student. “I want to make sure all the other students have these same opportunities,” she said.

Moe said her duties include delegating the student council, serving as the student representative at various meetings and making sure legislative acts are on track with what the executive council is doing, including the subjects of diversity, tuition and textbook costs.

With how many opportunities students have to become involved at Clark College, Moe said her main goal this year is to make students sad to leave. She said she’s eager to meet new students and be able to serve them.

Vice President Ruixuan Bai
Pursuing Biology and Business Administration

As Ruixuan Bai takes over the role of connecting students to over 100 Clark College committees, she said looks up to former ASCC executives as role models, hoping to match their level of confidence and success.

A former peer mentor, Bai has been involved in multiple clubs and programs. She is excited for a year of helping others and encouraging more students to become involved in their school and community, as well as for the opportunity for personal growth.

After learning about student government and Clark’s Activities and Programming Board, Bai said she wanted to contribute more to her school and practice what she has learned as a student at Clark. “We’re so young, we have the time and energy to do and change so many things,” Bai said. “So why not do something?”

Bai is an international student and has been in the United States for two years.

Student Relations & Promotions Coordinator Marco Morales
Pursuing Business

As someone who has participated in many clubs, Marco Morales said he wants students to enjoy all of the opportunities Clark offers.

“I’m most excited for helping students find out about upcoming events like club events [and] APB events, so they can feel like college is more fulfilling,” he said.

Morales said he is the “techy, graphic artist” behind the calendars found in bathroom stalls, as well as ASCC social media posts. He said he helps clubs from a marketing standpoint, such as by helping to creating posters to advertise events.

Morales said he is looking forward to meeting and befriending new people, helping students connect with others in their community and encouraging more student involvement at Clark.

Finance Director Bill Skates
Pursuing Chemical Engineering

Bill Skates said he has a knack for math and money, making the job of finance director a great fit.

A California transplant, Skates said the Clark community gave him such a warm welcome that he wanted to return the favor. “When I moved up here I didn’t know anyone going to college, and it was just a very welcoming community,” he said.

Skates said he will be working with the budget committee and program directors, as well as overlooking one-time budget requests and allocating funds for student-run programs.

Skates said he is excited to work with new people and gain some professional experience working with money.

Activities Director Emma Tran
Pursuing Biology

Emma Tran said she’s excited for a year of personal growth and helping students become involved in their school and community, especially during this major election year.

“We want to increase [voter turnout] and get students to volunteer [in] their school and community,” she said.

Tran said applying for an ASCC role was a random act on her part, although she has leadership experience from working in her home country of Vietnam.

Tran said that her motivation comes from coffee and the thought of going home to her parents at the end of the year. Tran said she has her sights set on a year full of smooth-sailing activities for students.

Executive Assistant Jennette Kachmar
Pursuing Biochemistry

Jennette Kachmar said she was wasn’t considering the role of executive assistant, but since realizing her experience and skills paired excellently, Kachmar said she’s excited to connect with the Clark College student body.

Kachmar will be in charge of ASCC meeting agendas and minutes as caretaker of “basically all the paperwork that surrounds ASCC,” she said.

Kachmar said she has been very involved in her community and school and is looking forward to all of the ASCC events that will be held this year, as well as socializing with students.

As a morning person, Kachmar said she wakes up everyday thinking about all she can accomplish in the day, including her training for the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo for track and field.

Club Coordinator Shannon Leininger
Pursuing Business Administration

Shannon Leininger is excited to bring her experience and ideas to ASCC after serving as president of seven clubs in high school. Leininger will be overseeing ASCC clubs and club activities for the next year.

She hopes to increase club turnout by making the job of running a club easier, and by connecting more students to their rightful communities. “Every student has some community they can go to, some place they belong,” Leininger said. “I want to make sure I have a positive influence on people’s lives, and that I can make someone smile.”

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