Summer in London

Welcome to a world where a person inquiring “how’s your skin and blister?” is asking about your sister, and “apples and pears” is a reference to stairs.

That’s the environment Clark students will be studying should they sign up for the London study abroad program for Fall quarter 2016, according to an info session held by English instructor Toby Peterson and International Student Recruitment and Outreach Manager Jody Shulnak on May 12.

According to the brochure, the program will offer a mandatory “British Life and Culture” class, a creative writing English class where students record their time abroad. It will also require an “Introduction to Shakespeare” class, a History class and a Political Science class.

All of these are accredited, Shulnak said. While they are taught at the University of London, students will not be required to enroll at the university to take them.

Shulnak described the info session as “last-minute,” and urged students to register as soon as possible. The deadline to apply is June 17 for students who wish to arrange their own flight, and June 20 for those purchasing the group flight. There is a $7,395 fee per person, based on enrollment of 25 or more participants. The program has 50 slots available, Shulnak said.

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