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Bernie Sanders Speaks At Hudson’s Bay

Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders held a rally Sunday afternoon in a packed Hudson’s Bay High School stadium, across the street from Clark College.

The Vermont senator opened by recapping his campaign trail, noting caucus and primary wins in nine states. He criticized his rival for the Democratic nomination, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, as an “anointed candidate” whose campaign was made into a “coronation” by the media.

“I do not believe real change is going to come from … Clinton,” he said.

Sanders said his campaign was about a battle for democracy against oligarchy, and condemned the decision of the Supreme Court in Citizens United v. FEC, which ruled the First Amendment prohibited the government to restrict corporations from endorsing presidential campaigns. Sanders said this enabled a “handful of billionaires” to “purchase candidates and win elections for the wealthy and powerful.”

Sanders, who has called for a $15 national minimum wage and free college tuition, also said his campaign is “doing phenomenally well” with young people, and that he had received more votes from people under 30 than Clinton and Republican frontrunner Donald Trump combined.

Sanders said his campaign’s success stems from listening to minority voices, and called for reform of criminal justice, immigration and Native American relations. He also advocated for the formation of a Senate committee on environmental issues, improved infrastructure and Social Security expansion.

With the Washington Democratic caucus scheduled to be held on Saturday, former President Bill Clinton will campaign for his wife at the Clark Penguin Union Building Monday at 5 p.m.

Sanders later held rallies at the Seattle Key Arena at 5 p.m., and the Spokane Convention Center at 9 p.m.

Emily Hancock and Nathan Taylor also contributed to this story.

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