ASCC Must Fund 4 More Clubs for 2015-16



ASCC is funding 31 student-run clubs this quarter, four more than last quarter, with $15,000 allocated for all clubs, more than any other quarter this year.

Over the past year, clubs supported by ASCC have grown both in numbers and variety. The number, however, can fluctuate from quarter to quarter, according to ASCC Club Coordinator Kara Meredith.

“As far as how many I expect to have next year, I really can’t say,” Meredith said. “It depends on the student involvement.”

When a club wants to become chartered by ASCC, they must register and then participate in volunteer events. Each club is given $100 in seed money, and then can earn up to another $1,000 a year.

When club members serve on college committees, donate blood, volunteer on campus, and hold club-related events, that club earns money from ASCC. The rate is $10 per person, per hour.

“The benefit of clubs for the student body is that it gives students a connection,” Meredith said. “When I first started out last year, getting involved with clubs was one way that I helped. It made me want to come to school.”

Some of the clubs supported by ASCC include Art Club, Campus Crusade for Christ, Diesel Dogs, Environmental Club, German Club, Japanese Culture Club and Swing Dancing Club, to name a few.

“The clubs that stick around the longest are usually the ones that have a lot of of members and a really active community,” Meredith said. “The hardest thing for a club is not having someone to pick it up again the next year. That is when I see clubs fall apart.”

No club is rejected on grounds of subject matter or ideas, and no club is allowed to set an age limit on its members.

“Swing Club encourages people to be more open with each other, and make better bonds,” said club president Gillian Selix. “It [also] helps them think quickly, which will help with other studies.”

The Swing Club meets on Tuesday and Thursday at 1:00 p.m. either outside or in OSC. Just like all clubs on campus, they have built their mission platform with specific goals in mind.

“You could come not knowing anything about swing, or you could come knowing everything about swing, and you are still going to learn stuff,” said Josh Austin, a member of the club. “If you ever just need to let loose and just have a good time, this is the place to be.”

More specifics on particular clubs and the activities they afford can be found at the PUB student life desk.

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