The Introvert Extrovert Experience

The Activities Programming Board held a presentation called the “Introvert Extrovert Experience” in Gaiser Student Center Tuesday, from 12:30 to 1:30 p.m., to inform students about the nuances of different personality types.

Victoria Fidkevich, the APB awareness coordinator, organized and spoke at the event. Fidkevich said that our culture often treats introverts as inferior to extroverts.

“It’s looked down upon,” Fidkevich said. “Like it’s something we need to fix.”

The APB board showed videos of two TED talks, one by Susan Cain, who argued the merits of introversion, and the other by Katherine Lucas, who discussed some of the challenges that extroverts face. Fidkevich also invited several members of the student government to share the challenges and benefits of their own personality types.

Jaquie Bruechert, a student who attended the event, said she enjoyed the presentations.

“It’s something that I’m interested in personally,” she said. “I think that this was a good introduction on the subject.”

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