30 Clicks: Native Voices: Digital Storytelling

Clark hosted a continuation of its Native Voices exhibit on Feb. 24 called “30 Clicks: Native Voices,” a presentation about the artistry of digital storytelling and digital humanities.

Laura Nagel, reference and instruction librarian and the project director of the Native Voices exhibit, talked about themes within digital storytelling such as native people’s concept of health and illness.

Digital storytelling became popular in the early ‘90s and is a collaborative effort to share a story through oral or written presentation, according to Nagel. Digital humanities is a new concept that has more than one definition, but Nagel said it’s when people use modern tools to study and explore the limits of the human condition.

“It’s not about building, it’s about sharing,” Nagel said.

Nagel’s presentation explored examples of digital storytelling and digital humanities, giving helpful resources and websites for reference. One source was The Gibagadinamaagoom project, which according to Nagel preserves and revitalizes the Anishinaabe language and culture.

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