Student of Color Luncheon

The Multicultural Student Affairs Program hosted its regular Student of Color Luncheon on Tuesday at 11:30 in PUB 161. Students, staff and faculty of color and their supporters gathered to share a southern-inspired meal, network and listen to guest speakers.

Native American artists Brent Learned and George Levi spoke about their new art exhibit at the Clark County Historical Museum, titled “One November Morning.” The exhibit chronicles the story of the Sand Creek Massacre, in which Learned and Levi both lost family to.

Their artwork depicts the 1864 massacre perpetrated by the Colorado Territory militia that killed over 150 Cheyenne and Arapaho Indians, two-thirds being women and children.
“I just wanted to give my ancestors a voice,” Learned said. “They didn’t have written language. All of their stories were passed orally and through artwork.”

Also during the luncheon, Multicultural Retention Manager Felis Peralta announced the winner of the $500 Dreamcatcher Scholarship for Native American students. Channa Smith, president of Clark’s Native American Culture Club, was the recipient.

“Channa is always enthusiastic, and encouraging a sense of community,” Peralta said. “Bringing close ties with students and parents, she has been a great asset to our program.”

The event was in conjunction with Clark’s current Native Voices exhibit and Archer Gallery’s upcoming series “Woven: The Art of Contemporary Native Basketry.”

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