Disney Jeopardy

Clark College’s Activities Programming Board held its first Disney Jeopardy game on Tuesday at 10 a.m. in Gaiser Student Center.

Volunteers from a crowd of twenty students were split into teams for each 30-minute round of the game. During each of the four rounds, movie quotes were displayed on a slideshow and teams guessed which Disney movies they belonged to. The bookstore awarded candy, pencils, sticky notes and phone chargers to the winners.

“The idea is to get students to bring their families so everyone can hangout and have fun on campus,” said Family Events Coordinator Ashley Ansbergs.

Ansbergs organizes three family-friendly activities and events every quarter. Upcoming events include the X Lovers Acoustic Concert on Feb. 9 in Gaiser Hall and Random Acts of Kindness Week in the Penguin Union Building hallway.

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