Clark’s Third Annual Biggest Loser Challenge Begins

Students, faculty and alumni are joining forces for the kick off of Clark’s third annual Biggest Loser challenge next week.


Over the course of eight weeks, roughly 56 participants will work out for at least two hours twice per week.


During the first week, participants will begin their pre-body composition tests, with a post-body composition test at the end of the eight weeks. These tests are important to ensure “healthy weight loss and weight management,” according to Fitness Center co-manager Steve DaMassa, who is organizing the event with Travis Garrison.

The participants will be split into different groups and paired with one of five certified trainers.


“Most trainers are graduates from Clark’s [Fitness Trainer] program,” DaMassa said. The challenge gives past graduates a chance to gain work experience and build their resume.


When the challenge is over, DaMassa and Garrison will choose a winning team based on the highest percentage of fat lost and lean mass gained.


In the end, DaMassa just wants to support the Clark community and encourage everyone to be active and healthy.

Steve DaMassa, Fitness Center co-manager.
Steve DaMassa, Fitness Center co-manager. DaMassa and Travis Garrison have both organized the Biggest Loser Challenges for the past three years.

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