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Clark Hires New DSS Director

Clark College’s Disability Support Services welcomed a new team member Jan. 12.

Megan Jasurda began working as the new director of Disability Support Services and ADA compliance officer last week. Jasurda has been in the field for six years and has held similar positions at Lower Columbia College and Portland Community College.

Jasurda has been in director and counselor roles, but is particularly excited about this position. “I like the cross between really being one-to-one with students and understanding their challenges and helping them work through those,” Jasurda said. “But [I also like] getting the big picture projects and the proactive projects to make sure that the campus climate works for students with disabilities.

Jasurda has a master’s degree in Educational Leadership, with an emphasis on higher education. “Through [my] degree and comparing different community colleges across Washington state, Clark has really been a leader in their approach to serving students,” Jasurda said.

Jasurda mentioned that it says a lot that Clark has a very strong student voice and that the student government has a presence on campus. But overall, Jasurda is looking forward to working with the new Disability Support Services team.

“For me, that’s the most exciting thing,” Jasurda said. “To serve a team who just wants to do better and better for students.”

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