Not Your Typical Talk Show

By Drew Telegin in A&E

Hello Vancouver September ShowHigh Five Media is hosting the monthly live talk show “Hello Vancouver,” featuring a community guest, music, magic and more on May 27 in Kiggins Theater.

“Hello Vancouver” doors open at 6 p.m. and it starts at 7 p.m. Admission is free.

This month “Hello Vancouver” will feature four segments, starting with musical guest Britnee Kellogg.

Two-time “American Idol” competitor, Kellogg has sang and performed in the country music scene since 2008. She lives in Clark County and performs at local music concerts, such as Jamborees in Oregon.

Kellogg is a single mother who spends her time raising her two sons or working her daytime job at Regents Bank.

For the show, she will play two of her original songs and be interviewed by content producer Temple Lentz from High Five Media.

Community guests from the Friends of the Elder Justice Center will also be interviewed.

The Elder Justice Center hopes to raise awareness about the increase abuse of the elderly in our community and how everyone can work to stop it.

“June is elder abuse month,” Lentz said. “And it’s becoming more and more of an issue as our population ages.”

One segment will  be a mayoral lip-sync challenge between the 7 mayors across Clark County. At the show, they will show clips of the mayor’s lip-syncing popular songs and the audience will vote on who’s the best.

The two finalists will do a live lip-sync duel to see who is the champion.

Dave’s Killer Magic Shop, located in downtown Vancouver, will have the last segment. They will perform a short show with Lentz and participants from the crowd.

“We like to have some fun or goofy segments that we know the people will love,” Lentz said.

Clark College’s Vice  President of Instruction Tim Cook is friends with Lentz and others involved with “Hello Vancouver”. “I just think she is a great person to have in the community,” Cook said.

Cook said that he watches the show online but hopes to attend in person someday.

“Hello Vancouver” was created by Lentz in February 2014.

Lentz said she was inspired to create the show as a way to give back to the community.

“When we started the show we just wanted to see if we could even get it done.”

Now Lentz puts on the show monthly with High Five Media and volunteers.

The video part of the show is filmed by independent videographer Harrison Lynch and Bobby Palttala from Beyond The Eye TV. Sound manager Brad Wager records and edits all of the audio. All of them offer their services to “Hello Vancouver” for free.

“Without our sound and video guys this show would never be possible,” Lentz said.

“Hello Vancouver” is more than just a show to those who attend. It’s more an experience and party, Lentz said. People show up an hour early and just hang out and have fun.

“We are disgusting in our love for Vancouver,” Lentz said. “We are crazy about this community.”

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