Indy on Indies: Photographer Shifts His Lens to the Amazon

By Savannah Scott in A&E

Eighteen-year-old Running Start student Jason Christofferson says things are more clear when he’s looking through his camera lens.

Christofferson shot with professionals at Portland Fashion Week and has been asked to dedicate a year in the Amazon, starting this summer, to shoot film for a “Man vs. Wild” documentary. He is working out the details for the documentary project, but says he’s excited to see what’s in store for summer 2015.

Christofferson is drawing the attention of many local industry professionals with his creativity, wisdom, and overall camera skills.

Christofferson’s work has led him on many exciting adventures in his young career.

As the artist expands his career in film he’s gotten great practice in shooting and editing footage for professional organizations.

“I was planning on going to film school eventually, and who knows, I might even consider it later on, but my work is currently creating enough buzz to sustain me without a degree,” Christofferson said. “School isn’t my main priority right now.”

However, Christofferson explained that being young and successful has its ups and downs.

“Because I’m only 18 and only just now graduating high school, it’s really important for me to stay punctual, professional, and understanding when people are thinking about hiring me to film or photograph their events,” Christofferson said.

He recently transitioned from working freelance to starting his own business. Christofferson advertises his work through his website and all of his social media accounts.

Aside from his special project videos and relocating to the Amazon for work, Christofferson keeps himself busy throughout the year by shooting wedding, family, and senior portraits, as well as shooting promotional footage and sports events.

“Photography is my one true love, and it’s extremely exciting and humbling to be able to share something so personal to me with so many supportive and creative people.

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