Jammin’ with the Pearls

By Savannah Scott in A&E

The Pearls in the FieldBy blending the spirit of travel and adventure with indie folk and bluegrass influences, a developing local band, The Pearls, are on the rise.

This indie group has played shows in small bars and grange halls since Patrick Tetreault and Buck Ryan formed the band over a year ago.

Joe Haegel and Scottie Stevens jumped on the bandwagon shortly after Tetreault and Ryan decided to start playing shows.

The men described the coming together of the band as “something out of a movie.”

“Joe just kind of walked up to us and told us that he should be our drummer and after going to one of his shows, it was like champagne and M80s man, that was it,” Ryan said.

The group agreed that the addition of a drummer completed The Pearls.

The members also shed some light on their musical influences.

Patrick Tetrault

“I’m not smart enough to think about a specific message to convey to our audience,” Ryan said jokingly. “We just try to write and sing about our stories and if people find a moment of joy through that than we are paid back a million times.”

The Pearls have played shows along the west coast and in various cities such as Nashville.

The band has noticed that they attract people of all ages. “Our storytelling music can be listened to by anyone,” Ryan said, which is something not all up-and-coming indie bands can claim.

“We aren’t really playing for a specific demographic,” Tetreault said. “We’ve all noticed that even at the shows where teenagers are clapping and dancing, so are their parents.”

Stevens was motivated to join the band because he thinks the music is real. “The Pearls are genuine and I wanted to be a part of it,” said Stevens.

The Pearls are represented on multiple social media websites and have written small biographiesThe Pearls Performing at an Outdoor venue on each describing their music.

“It’s a great time, on stage and off,” Tetreault said. “We’re just inviting everyone to come hang out and do what we love.”

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