ASCC Advertising Rec Center Vote

By Steven Cooper and Elizabeth Perry in Campus

Building a new recreation center would raise tuition by $4.60 per credit, according to ASCC executive officers. Students will vote April 13-17 on the proposal.

An email will be sent to all Clark student email addresses with online voting instructions.

The new center would be built as an extension to the O’Connell Sports Center and feature a new gymnasium, indoor running track, additional fitness equipment and a social area with a food vendor.

The entire project would cost $16.3 million with construction beginning in 2017. Once construction is complete, the fee will increase to $5.96 per credit. When the construction loan is paid off around 2035, the fee would drop to cover operational costs, approximately $1.35 per credit and adjusted for inflation.

ASCC is trying to present both sides of the proposal by advertising the vote during Welcome Week, said ASCC Vice President Sarah Swift.

“We want them to see that it’s a great thing, but also realize the cost so they can weigh it out with their personal preference,” said Swift. “And that’s why we want everyone to vote so it is as even as we can get it.”

ASCC posted an informational page at http://www.clark.edu/campus-life/student-life/recreation-center.php.

Additional information and past coverage of the proposal is available athttp://archives.clarkcollegeindependent.com/news/rec-center-vote-set-for-april/

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