Finals Stress is Unavoidable but Manageable

By Zach McMahon in Life

Everyone has a way to help deal with stress. Maybe its a comfort food or a quick cigarette, but stress is a part of life and for students it can be overbearing.

Located in the Health Sciences building room 124, Clark’s Counseling and Health Center is there for any students struggling with stress or other mental health concerns.

“The counselors see a lot of students because they have trouble handling stress,” said Secretary Senior at Clark’s Counseling and Health Center Mari Anne Luther.

Finals season is one of the busiest times for the Counseling Center. Midterms and the end of the quarter is when students need the most help, said Luther.

“Stress in the short term can get in the way of student success,” Clark Nurse Practitioner Ashley Schumacher said.

Short term symptoms include headaches, low energy and loss of focus. Stress can also cause long term problems such as depression and anxiety.

More incoming freshmen are reporting that they have felt depressed, overwhelmed and stressed in the last year than previous years, according to a New York Times article.

A healthy way to deal with stress would be exercise, said Schumacher. “It helps with handling the stress you’ve already been under, as well as future stress.”  Eating healthy and getting enough sleep can help too.

Counseling and Health Center also offers other services besides counseling, including low-cost medical services such as physicals, immunizations, flu shots, and pregnancy tests.

While the middle and end of the term can be a little busy for the counseling office, Luther still thinks students should be aware of the services.

“Its under utilized, I think. The students don’t realize the resources that are available to them,” Luther said.

When scheduling appointments, “Be willing to wait a few days,” Luther said.

But if students in crisis should reach out to to helplines.



Facts About Health Center:

  • Hours Monday through Thursday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Friday 10 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
  • Location Health Sciences Building room 124
  • Counseling Center Phone Number 360-992-2614


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