Communicate With Your Somebody

By Savannah Scott in Life
On Feb. 10 ASCC hosted a Portland Academy of Sexual Education teacher to lightheartedly inform students about the importance of being assertive in bed.

JoEllen Notte, or “Redhead Bedhead” explained how to talk about topics like consent in a casual way with your partner(s).

“One of the most important things that needs to be established when in any sort of relationship with someone, sexual or not, is a mutual form of respect,” said Notte to the attentive crowd.

“I spent the majority of my twenties feeling uncomfortable in my sexual relationships because I was nervous that talking about what I wanted would kill the mood or make things awkward,” said Notte. “But then I realized that sex is supposed to be fun for all parties involved!”

Clark Student Katarina Kubiniec, who was in charge of planning the event, said her goal was to “take away some of the taboo feelings” associated with the topic of sex by bringing a speaker “that could get the point out there without scaring anyone.”

Hoping for more student participation at Clark events, Kubiniec felt that Notte brought a good balance of fun and seriousness to the crowd.

After the seminar, Notte opened up the floor to any questions about sex and many students responded by talking about personal experiences.

Kubiniec found out that schools who held safe sex seminars had great ratings for the events and she thought Clark could use a boost in participation by hosting their own.


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