Clark Hosts League of Legends Tournament

By Drew Telegin in Life

The “unofficial” League of Clark club is hosting its second League of Legends tournament on March 7. It is open to anyone who would like to compete in the popular online battle arena game to win prizes.

League of Legends publisher Riot Games has supplied the top four teams with game currency and the winners of the tournament with rare skin for a champion.

League of Clark Club Leader Kyle Brittain organized the tournament last year. Brittain hopes that the tournament will be a fun event to liven the local League of Legends community.

Other members of the League of Clark club will help with the flow of the event and broadcasting the finals on Twitch.tv, an online video game streaming service.

To partake in the tournament, teams of five players must register on the Facebook page “League of Clark.” Up to 16 teams are permitted to play in the tournament. Registration is open until Feb. 21.

The event’s original date was Feb. 2, but it was delayed due to untimely registration.


What is League of Legends?

League of Legends is the top-played computer game, reaching over 27 million people around the world daily, according to Riot Games website.

In the game, two teams of five players attempt to destroy their opponents’ base. The first to succeed is the victor.

“League of Legends is a multiplayer online battle arena where the purpose of the game is to destroy your enemy’s nexus [base] using various champions [characters],” said Joshua Austin, Clark student and League of Legends player.

Each player on the team fulfills one of five specific roles.

Over 100 champions are available for the players to choose from, along with multiple neutral objectives to aid a team in defeating their opponents.

Game duration ranges from 15 to 80 minutes. Communication and working together as a team are key tactics to winning battles and objectives.


Clark’s First Tournament

Last winter, Brittain organized the club’s first tournament. There were 55 participants and it lasted over 5 hours.

“It went extremely sweetly considering how many people there were,” Brittain said.

Some of the teams swapped out their rosters last minute and picked up some of the best players in the area from the Challenger division, which is considered the most competitive.

According to www.lolsummoners.com, there are only 1,771 Challenger players out of the 10,462,982 players who play ranked games. League of Clark’s first tournament had more than five of its participants from this division.

Clark student Tuấn Hiệp is one the Challenger players from the first tournament.

Originally from Vietnam, Hiệp has played League of Legends since its creation and also coaches a different professional team, Team Skyred LOL, over in Vietnam.

Hiệp lead his team to second place before they lost to team PNWPD. “I think we can win next time!” Hiệp said.


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