Clark to Host Annual Biggest Loser Competition

Selected faculty, staff, current and former Clark students will participate in the fourth annual Biggest Loser weight loss competition starting this week.

Seventy-two applicants were assigned a certified Clark personal trainer and divided into five teams. The competitors will train at O’Connell Sports Complex during the eight week challenge.

This contest differs from other Biggest Loser challenges by not only measuring how much weight each competitor loses but also the amount of muscle gained.

“One of the biggest things is people get caught looking at a scale,” said the challenge organizer Garet Studer.

Last year’s challenge featured 50 competitors with a 50 percent completion rate.

Individual winners receive prizes such as cookbooks and additional personal training sessions. But Studer hopes the biggest prize he can give is a lifestyle change.

“We’re just trying to give them a starting point and give them access to these resources that can help them for well after these eight weeks are up.”

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