New ASCC Members Hope to Spark Student Interest

By Liepa Bračiulytė in A&E

A Cambodian New Year, African dance and folk music performed by a band named “Ballroom Thieves” are among the activities and events student government leaders plan to bring to the Clark campus this year.

Last year, ASCC put together around 40 events to increase student involvement, according to Sarah Gruhler, Director of Student Life. The events ranged from a hip-hop violinist to stand-up comedians.

Social Events Coordinator Steven Furio said his goal for the year is to “show that you can get involved, not just come to classes and leave.”

Courtney Braddock, the Family Events Coordinator, said that Alex Zerbe, a magician/comedian who targets his acts toward children, will perform at Gaiser Hall on Oct. 8.

Braddock hopes to incorporate families into Clark events, instead of only focusing on individuals.

Chantear Song, the Cultural Events Coordinator, said that the Living Voices Northwest Passages will perform in late November. It will be a “mix between a cultural and educational event,” sharing stories from different people’s walks of life.

Song also plans to feature a Cambodian New Year in April, since she is of Cambodian descent herself.

During Black History Month, she hopes to work with the Diversity Center to bring a group called “Step Afrika!” to Clark.

“Step Afrika!” perform a mix of singing, step dancing, and acting, Song said.

Step dancing is music made only with one’s body, Song said.

Song said she hopes that the audience will not only “enjoy, but also learn from the events.”

Furio said that a folk band called “Ballroom Thieves” will perform in Gaiser Hall on Oct. 2.

The band is “very similar to Mumford and Sons,” Furio said. “It’s gonna be a good concert.”

The Involvement Fair, which will show students how to get involved in clubs and programs, will be hosted on Oct. 1 in Gaiser Hall, said Director of Student Life, Sarah Gruhler.

New ASCC members trained in Wenatchee, Wash. for three days during the first week of Sept. and learned “creative ways to plan events,” according to Braddock. Song said that her training focused on spreading awareness for events.

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