Head-Banging and Raw Sound

By Nick Books in A&E

Music is the beat of life no matter what genre you’re into. But it high-intesity rock, punk or metal is your thing, this sampler should get your fist pumping.

The album Wasted Years by OFF! took me back to the fundamentals of punk music where less is more, and legends of punk continue to rock.

“The members of OFF! are still delivering high-octane punk rock with a vintage flair that couldn’t be more convincing,” according to Anthony Fantano, a YouTube music reviewer.

The album is heavier than previous albums, however, at times repetitive. Overall the album remains true and is worth listening to.

My favorite part of the album is that legends of punk survived the onslaught of the music industry. OFF! delivers an unadulterated and raw version of a genre that has dramatically changed over the decades.

Ask any purist of punk and they’ll tell you, “punk’s not dead.”

Emmure- “Eternal Enemies”

Eternal Enemies is a culmination of piercing shrieks, booming gutturals and enraged, clean vocals which can be confusing at times.

According to a review by punknews.org, “Congratulations, nothing has been accomplished!”

Sonically, the album is unrelenting and reminds me of the John Martin painting of Sodom and Gomorrah manifested in audio.

Within the album lies much emotional lyrical content, ranging from anger to intense angst fueled by self-destructive behavior. It’s about life’s struggles and the end result of an emotional breakdown.

However, for those seeking a release with music, Eternal Enemies is your catharsis.


Sevendust-“Time Travelers and Bonfires”

All I can say is that the entire album is fantastic. Amazing vocal harmonies and superb tracking of the instruments created a moving piece of artistry.

The song Come Down evoked a rare emotion you don’t usually experience while listening to music. I find it hard to describe what it was exactly and it can only be explained by listening to it.

Thomas Woroniak of Rock Revolt magazine said the album is “a thoughtful reflection on personal loss and the need to let go and say goodbye to loved ones who reached the end of life’s journey.” I concur.

For fans of Sevendust I recommend listening to this track-by-track. Even though my preference of music may be death metal, I still appreciate the technical ability of Sevendust and their prowess of creating genuine and moving songs.

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