ASCC Explores Rec Center Ideas

By Ryan Rutledge in News

Members from ASCC and athletics toured recreational centers at Everett Community College and Pierce College Fort Steilacoom on March 31. Administrators and students looked for design ideas for the proposed recreational center on Clark’s main campus.

The Health and Education Center at Pierce College opened in 2007.

Pierce’s Director of Districts Athletics Duncan Stevenson told the committee they should negotiate with administrators to keep instruction out of the facility.

At Pierce, a large multipurpose room was used mostly for teaching.

“This has violated me from day one,” Stevenson said. “You need to go through every possible scenario for a room.”

ASCC President Dena Brill agreed that a new building shouldn’t be taken over by classes. “We’re trying to keep classes out,” she said.

Stevenson revealed bleachers and volleyball nets tucked away under a staircase when they arrived at the back of the gym. “Hold onto storage,” he said, telling the committee to make plenty of space to stow equipment when it isn’t in use.

The committee also toured Everett’s Fitness Center, a multi-purpose instruction and student recreation building, with professor Larry Walker who answered questions as they walked.

The facility is approximately 49,000 square feet, according to Walker.

“It’s a lot bigger than what we’re thinking,” said Brill.

ASCC officers and Director of Athletics Charles Guthrie offered several ideas for uses of a new recreation center: roller derby, movie nights and a gym were some suggestions.

After a building like this is proposed by a group of students and gains enough signatures, it is voted on. Everett had nearly 1,600 students vote in their referendum several years ago, according to Walker. About 90 percent of those votes supported building the Fitness Center.

“You really can’t be apathetic with this,” said Brill.

Students at Everett pay a $50-a-quarter fee and those at Pierce can pay a $15 fee to use their facilities. Most of Everett’s fee funds the fitness center, while Pierce’s pays for the upkeep at the Health and Education Center. Faculty at Everett can pay $25 a quarter to use recreation center equipment.

The ASCC officers in attendance were President Dena Brill, Vice President Gabrielle Roscher, Activities Director Hannah Swift and Finance Director Wilson Halimuddin. Student Life Program Support Supervisor Sami Lelo, Director of Athletics Charles Guthrie and Senior Secretary of Athletics Marla Derrick also attended.

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