S&A Funding Talks Continue

By Nate Nienaber in News

The Service and Activities Fee Committee will continue to discuss the financial future of more than 36 Clark programs this month.

Every year, program directors present their budget proposal to the committee. Program budgets are key to the success of their programs.

Orchestra director Don Appert said any cut to the budget is detrimental. Appert uses S&A funds to pay guest musicians who come to teach his students. These musicians are often booked a year in advance.

“I just hope and pray I have the money to pay them,” said Appert.

Recently, Appert has turned to the Clark College Foundation and ad revenue to supplement his reduced budget. Two years ago, the committee cut approximately $5,000 from the Orchestra program budget. That was the first cut in more than two decades, according to Appert.

“I’ve built the Orchestra program for over 24 years with the help of the ASCC,” Appert said. “I deeply appreciate the support from the ASCC because this makes what I do possible.”

The committee is comprised of six students, one faculty member, the ASCC finance director and the director of Business Services, who help develop the annual budget for the ASCC services and activities.

Since membership on the committee changes yearly, members may be unfamiliar with the various programs. Anthony Bittner, the current committee chair, said it’s hard for students to commit to a weekly unpaid position so turnover rates are high.

This can cause problems for directors when they reapply for funding.

“I wish it was more stable from year to year,” said Vocal Music director April Duvic. The apathy of many of the students on campus needs to change she said.

Garet Studer, Clark’s Intramurals director, said that the committee does a good job of asking clarifying questions during each proposal.

Unallocated funds go towards one-time funding requests and emergencies, said ASCC Finance Director Wilson Halimuddin.

“It’s important to remember this is the student’s money,” Bittner said. “The S&A Fee Committee definitely wants to fund programs, it’s just about doing it equitably and responsibly.”

The committee is scheduled to end on May 1, when the 2014-2015 budget will be submitted to the Board of Trustees for review.

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