Mundo Clark

On this page you will read a Spanish-language insert called “Mundo Clark.” Indy staff members Marvin Peña and Diana Aristizábal volunteered to write and produce this monthly newsletter addressed to Spanish-language students and the local Hispanic population, which is an under-served demographic at Clark.

“Mundo Clark” aims to increase diversity by reaching out to the local Hispanic community. This effort aligns with the “Clark College Strategic Plan” and core themes of promoting diversity and equal opportunity. The publication of this newsletter was generously funded by ASCC. While the Indy is helping to distribute “Mundo Clark,” these two publications are not directly affiliated. “Mundo Clark” is its own entity and any questions regarding the publication should be directed to its authors.

Mundo Clark now has it’s own site! To reach it please click the link here


Edición 11- 11/16/16

Edición 10- 10/26/16

Edición 9- 10/12/16

Edición 8- 9/21/16 

 Edición 7 – 6/8/16

Edición 6 – 5/18/16

Edición 5 – 4/27/16

Edición 4 – 3/10/16

Edición 3 – 2/17/16

Edición 2 – 1/27/16

Edición 1 – 11/18/15