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Witches of Clark: Graduating Student Ceilidh O’Donnell-Field

Ceilidh O’Donnell-Field, a 20-year-old Clark student graduating this month, first started practicing witchcraft when they were 14. O’Donnell-Field comes from a long line of spiritual women. While their more recent family members practice Catholicism, their past family had different spiritual practices. For O’Donnell-Field , witchcraft runs in their blood. “One […]

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Witches of Clark

A magic wand, a toad, and a shiny black cauldron come to the minds of most people when they hear the word ‘witch’. Most don’t realize that witches are everywhere, and they’re not what you’d expect based on their media-fueled stereotypes. Shylee Rain Greene, or just “Shy” to her friends, […]