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Clark Art Talk Introduces Julie Alpert

Lively collages and unique ceramic creations are installation artist Julie Alpert’s signature style. Alpert introduced herself and her work pieces during the Clark Art Talk hosted over Zoom by the Archer Galley on Feb. 11.

Julie Alpert at a studio working on her most recent piece. (Photo courtesy Julie Alpert)

Alpert’s artworks are distinct by how they represent a welcoming and fantastical world. When found in a room filled with her pieces, the art portrays day to day objects made into a colorful fountain that goes on and on. 

 As Alpert entertained the Zoom audience with childhood photos, she shared stories about where her passion for installation art rooted from. 

When they were little, Alpert and her sister Jen wore colorful bows, plaid and dramatic collars. Alpert said she found inspiration in her surroundings and the clothes she wore.

 “We are wearing these matching crop tops which our mom sewed for us,” she said. “I was a pretty shy kid, but I loved to express myself.” 

Alpert spent a lot of time at her grandparents’ house where she was surrounded by creative pieces of art. Her grandparents were art collectors. “My grandma idolized Liz Taylor and Liza Minnelli. She wore a wig and high heels my whole life,” said Alpert.

Today, Alpert has a portrait of her grandmother which is hung on a wall at her home. 

Alpert spends most of her time in studios inventing art where she is needed or commissioned to stay. “Being an artist is kind of a lonely pursuit. It feels like being a scientist alone in a lab,” she said. 

Alpert’s art is made to allow the viewer to get lost into an imaginary world, where they may visualize a space they never thought existed. “I’m not trying to get you to fully disappear. But I’m playing with what’s the least amount of transformation I need to do in order for you to live in between ordinary reality and then this fantastical space,” she said.  

The Clark Art Talks will be held every Friday at noon until Feb. 25. These talks consist of lectures and creative exhibitions by different artists.

You can look at all Alpert’s art pieces at www.juliealpert.com, or visit Archer Gallery at clark.edu.

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