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Clark Professor Speaks on Aspirations for Global Climate Change Course

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Global Climate Change has been a running course at Clark College for three quarters as of Fall 2021. The five-credit class runs in fall and spring and is taught by Sydney Brahmavar, who also teaches Meteorology at Clark and is an advisor for the Environmental Action Club.

The course is relatively new, but long overdue. Brahmavar, a Clark College alumni and professor, believes that the changes to combat climate change need to be seen in the Clark community. 

“I think it’s really important to empower people in our community, because a lot of these changes are happening on the local level,” Brahmavar said. “Climate resiliency, building community networks so we can all support each other, and empowering students through the [Environmental Action] Club, and through my classroom [so] that they can make changes [and] they have that ability to have the knowledge.”

She notes that Meteorology and Global Climate Change are two very different courses, even though Global Climate Change is categorized as METR 201. 

“Meteorology is looking at the day-to-day changes [such as] precipitation, temperature, humidity,” Brahmavar said. “Climate change is looking at global changes in climate. Climate meaning changes over geological time.”

While the class is online due to low enrollment, Brahamar hopes to have a hybrid setup with on campus labs in the spring.

According to Brahmavar, climate change is a really depressing and ominous subject, yet she is hopeful and ready to inspire and teach students who join her course.

“The issue of addressing climate change crosses political and ideological boundaries,” Brahmavar said. “It’s something that’s going to impact everyone, no matter where you lie along those spectrums, and there is a place for you in the movement to fight for the future of humanity.” 

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