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Clark College Foundation CEO to Step Down

For Lisa Gibert, being the CEO of the Clark College Foundation has been the greatest honor of her life.

Gibert joined the foundation in 1998, and was appointed chief executive officer in January 2005. After 16 years in the position, Gibert plans to step down in June 2022.

Lisa Gibert, CEO of the Clark College Foundation, has been in the position for 16 years and is stepping down from the role in June 2022. (Photo provided by the Clark College Foundation)

Bringing Clark College and the Clark College Foundation back together to work more effectively is an important endeavor, and Gibert considers it her greatest accomplishment.

“The college and the foundation are separate entities and because one is a governmental entity and the other is more like a corporation or a private entity, we think differently,” Gibert said. “It’s really so critically important that these two organizations work together seamlessly.”

Her goal for her last year in charge is to finish the Promising Pathways campaign, which would raise over 30 million dollars and support students at Clark College with scholarships and financial aid.

To Gibert, serving the college as well as the local community is important, especially through an ongoing pandemic. This is one of the reasons why the foundation says they are reevaluating their investments in the fossil fuel industry. The foundation officially stated that while they do not have any direct investments in fossil fuels, they may have indirect investments.

“We have instructed our investment consultants to actually take a look at what our indirect exposure to fossil fuels is,” Gibert said. “We don’t have the answer to what the exact percentage is at this point in time, but we are looking into that.”

Gibert is also working on the new Boschma Farms campus that is currently in development. She said working in real estate development is a passion project for her and she hopes to continue working on the project after she steps down.

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