Vancouver Farmers Market Showcases Small Businesses

On a beautiful Sunday in late September, a little before lunchtime, the warmth from the sun was beaming down from high up in the sky. Vehicle traffic was relatively light, but parking was not; I had to walk a few blocks over from 11th street to make it to my intended destination.

The Vancouver Farmers Market runs Saturdays and Sundays from March 20 through Oct. 31 this year.

Esther Short Park is the staging ground for the market, though the streets surrounding the park are also closed to vehicle traffic so stores can set up shop and people can buzz from stand to stand.

The best smells from the market came from the food carts housed at the southern end of the market. The Foody Blues stand had the aroma reminding me of all the best BBQ from back home in southern Virginia. 

If you stand in the middle of all the shops, close your eyes and listen, you will hear the pleasant sounds of hustle and bustle.

Getta Gyro, Sabor Mexican and Melted Crumbs provided the smells of freshly cooked meats, Mexican cuisine, and more types of donuts than I knew existed. I recommend trying as many of the different cuisines as possible. 

If you’re looking for something unique to add to a jewelry collection, the crafts and jewelry stands are prevalent along the western end of the market. FUSE4U makes custom jewelry and Sacred Crystal sells wearable crystals and stones. 

Towards the northeast end of the park, multiple glass jars of honey caught my eye. I came across Orestis Telio, owner of the Salmon Creek Farm.

Telio mentioned COVID-19 had brought changes to the market and its own set of difficulties for his hydroponic bee farm.

I asked how things seemed at this point in the season.

“Business is good; people are happy to be out,” said Telio.

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