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You Should Plan a Paranormal Adventure this Summer

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Spring quarter at Clark is coming to a close and summer is fast approaching. With a particular abundance of nearby beautiful sights, it’s time for an adventure. 

The people of the Pacific Northwest have many paranormal encounters. This may be due to the particularly wild imaginations of residents. It could also be that all the hard-to-explain things are drawn to a place with such majesty and mystery as the Pacific Northwest.

To that end, there are many great paranormal festivals scheduled this summer and into the fall. With Sasquatch and alien sightings forever in the minds of locals, here are some great events and businesses to visit.

Marsh’s Free Museum, located in Long Beach, Washington, is home to Jake the Alligator-man, a paranormal creature that is half man and half alligator. Jake sits mummified in the building and is the museum’s most paranormal draw. The museum also sells antiques, curios, seashells, gifts and more.

Co-owner Shannon Ahern, a fourth-generation Marsh, explained that most children don’t really like seeing Jake. 

[The best part is the] different generations bringing their families here,” said Ahern.  “You continuously see them throughout the years. It’s kind of just a fun-for-all place.” 

To learn more about Marsh’s Free Museum, click here

The Metaline Falls Bigfoot Festival is scheduled for June 19 and 20. This is the first-annual Bigfoot Festival for Metaline Falls, Washington and the whole town is involved in the event. There are many free events held at the festival, including a film festival, vendors, live music and kid-friendly events. There will also be a Bigfoot researcher’s presentation, along with a fan meet and book signing with the researchers and a Bigfoot 5K race. 

[The festival is] a town-wide event, that makes it unique in this arena,” said Sonya Scauflaire, volunteer executive director of the Pend Oreille Region Tourism Alliance. “We have an independent film company, there’s public outreach, we have a water cannon, a fan meet area with over 12 mystical personalities.” 

Click here for more information on the Metaline Falls Bigfoot Festival. 

The fifth-annual Squatch Fest will be held July 30 and 31. Hosted in the Cowlitz County Event Center, there are many fun activities to participate in this year. This event will host speakers from across the United States, as well as premiere the film, “The Bigfoot Alien Connection Revealed.”

“The event grows bigger and bigger every year,” said Amy Hallock, project manager for the Kelso and Longview Chamber of Commerce. “There’s a beer fest, a kid’s cave with multiple activities, corn hole – we have the largest corn hole event in Idaho, Oregon, Washington and California.

Find more information for the Squatch fest here.

The UFO Fest at McMenamins, celebrating its 21st-anniversary this year, will be held September 23 through 25. The hosts decided to delay the 2020 event because of COVID-19, but they are coming back this year with prominent speakers, vendors and other exciting festivities. 

Renee Rank Ignacio works in the marketing department for McMenamins, the business that hosts the event.

“We will have some fun with live music, costume contests and vendor booths,” said Rank Ignacio. “We will be releasing more information about speakers and ticket sales in the coming weeks.”

For more information about the UFO Festival click here.

With so many paranormal festivals in the area this summer, don’t forget to keep searching. The truth is out there.

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