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Clark College Holds Its First Ever Mental Health Week

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Clark’s student government hosted a variety of events for the first ever Mental Health Week last week, where participants joined virtual workshops and had the opportunity to win a gift card.

The goal of Mental Health Week was to advocate for coping skills and mental health resources at Clark College, according to main organizer, Mila Smook.

“Given the many challenges we’ve had this year, it seemed important [to give] support to students in whatever way possible,” Smook said.

There were many new and unique events that were scheduled for the week. However, there were also workshops that have previously occurred at Clark.

Monday Morning Meditation has occurred every week at Clark for most of the school year. Mental Health Week organizers felt the program was the perfect place for students to kick-off the week, Smook said. Other workshops were in collaboration with Clark’s Career Services.

“We also coordinated a special event with the Counseling and Health Center,” Smook said. “It’s for when you know you’re too stressed or unmotivated to perform perfect self-care.”

Mental Health Week also provided some challenges for people to join in on. One of the challenges required students to participate in three or more events. Those who completed this challenge won a gift card.

Along with attending events, students also had all week to enter a poetry piece about mental health for a poetry challenge. On Friday, winners of the poetry challenge were announced as the final event of the week.

Clark College worked in coordination with Lower Columbia College and Washington State University Vancouver to build this week of fun and useful events for students.

“Even if students have attended every single event, I would recommend that they go again next year,” Smook said. “There are just so many opportunities to learn more and to connect with the faculty in a way that helps them understand how much support they have.”

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